HSHC Behavioral Consultations

FREE 30 minute behavioral consult held at the Harford Shelter (2208 Connolly Rd., Fallston, MD)

These are great for basic problem solving such as: housebreaking, house manners, digging, chewing, introducing a new addition, dog socialization, and other dog training tips! (Note: Not a suitable session for aggression concerns. For dog or human aggression, please schedule an in-home private lesson.)

These may be reserved at least a week in advance and are held the second Saturday of each month.

(See Training Schedule)

Client and Dog
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Mutt Magic Group Training

Dog Behavior Management and Dog Training Classes

Mutt Magic Training offers a variety of dog training classes to suit you and your dog. Sessions may be tailored to fit your individual needs and schedule, assuring that you receive the very best results from your training experience. Following are our package options:

Board and Train

One, two, and four week programs available. Board your dog with us when you go on vacation, and come back to a trained dog! Recommended for busy owners, those in need of specialized solutions, such as service dog training, and/or dogs with severe behavioral problems.

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Intermediate/ Off leash Prep  Class Schedule

For dogs that have completed basic training, these are dog training classes preparing owners for the ability to have off leash control in a secure environment. More advanced obedience commands taught, as well as intros to agility, boundary training, and more! Having CGC Certification is a requirement before enrolling.

Advanced/ Maintenance  Class Schedule

This is an advanced off-lead course, and is offered in secure, fenced locations. It is recommended for dogs that have off leash control and for owners that are looking either to brush up on obedience, or to take their dog to a competitive level.

In-home private lessons  (Enroll now!)

Single/evaluation sessions– (Cost $150 basic / $200 behavior mod.)
Meet one-on-one with your trainer to brush up on basics, or address behavior management issues such as jumping or housebreaking.

 Six-week course programs- (Cost $800 basic / $1000 behavior mod.)
For owners without the time to work obedience around a group class schedule, or for dogs with more severe dog behavior management and/or aggression problems.

Six-week Confidence Course- (Cost $900)

Whether temperament or learned behavior, adopted dog, or forever pet, this class is designed by Mutt Magic to benefit dogs that have fear or socialization issues. Recommended for dogs aged over 1 year.

8-week group classes  (Cost $210)                                                              Group class FAQ

S.T.A.R. Puppy  Class Schedule

​Start your pup off on the right paw! This course is recommended for puppies ages 4-10 months of age, and all breeds are welcome. Each session is half obedience, half puppy socialization, and includes homework exercises. Also addressed are problem solving, housebreaking, and house manners.

Basic/CGC Prep  Class Schedule

Start with the basics, and end with a “Canine Good Citizen!” Dogs of any age are welcome in this course, although recommendation is for dogs over one year old. On graduation day, your dog will have the opportunity to earn AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification!